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Child Development

Living Hope Preschool’s goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, enthusiastic, and inquisitive learners. They are encouraged to think for themselves, make decisions, develop problem-solving skills, and communicate their ideas.

Wooden Alphabets

To be successful in school and in life, children must be able to express and control their feelings, they must be able to exert self-control when frustrated and be able to listen, follow directions, share, take turns, carry out basic routines without supervision, and be able to read non-verbal cues such as the sound in a teacher or child’s voice or the look on their face in conjunction with what is being said. Children must learn to advocate for themselves, putting feelings into words and using language to discuss activities, events and feelings.


We feel this is very important and is something we work on everyday. Children gain confidence and self esteem as they become more independent. Social emotional competencies such as sensitivity to the feelings of others, kindness, patience, and cooperation are achieved through interactions with other children, teachers, and the environment.

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